Zoo as Metaphor (2)

New Vision Arts Festival 2018 prgramme

Au Wah-yan 區華欣 / Steve Hui 許敖山 / Vee Leong 馮程程 / Kingsley Ng 伍韶勁

Ng Tsz-kwan 吳子昆 / Kensa Hung 洪忠傑 / Man Mei-to 文美桃 /
Iv Chan 陳子雯 / Alice Kwong 鄺雅麗 / Wong Hung-fei 黃鴻飛

Curated by 策劃:
Orlean Lai 黎蘊賢

Do I want to stand out from the mass or blend in with others?
Who has a blinkered view and who sees the emperor's new clothes?
In-between gaze, what do you actually perceive?


A new edition of Zoo as Metaphor (2014), a performative exhibition previously set at Oi! (Oil Street Art Space), takes the "cabinet of curiosities" as its point of departure once again.

This time, the artists undertakes another expedition in the more site-responsive environment of Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, delivering another engaging and experiential journey for visitors. Moving on from the objects and collectables on display in the first edition, the new expedition focuses on people, embarking on the "bizzare" in contemporary situations...

Travelling through rooms where different scenarios unfold, visitors will be encouraged to reflect on interactions between individuals and collectives, self and others. For sceptics and adherers to convention alike, the experential journey will lead to contemplation of how we can construct identity through the eyes of others, or how we perceive people through pre-set ideas and values.



A crossed form of exhibition and performance, 
evolves into an experiential journey of social experiment



* * *


Pre-show Sharing: What will be the role of audiences?

Guest speaker: Bobo Lee (Producer, Performing Arts (Theatre), West Kowloon Cultural District Authority)

6/10 (Sat) 3pm
Venue Sponsor 場地贊助: ACO 艺鵠
Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
香港灣仔軒尼詩道365-367號富德樓14樓 / 14/F,

Bobo and the Creative Team will share their interpretations on "immersive / experiential / participatory" art in various genre and mediums. They will also showcase some best practices that they came across. 嘉賓將會與創作團隊分享各自對「沉浸式 immersive / 體驗式 experiential / 參與式 participatory」藝術在不同領域、媒界的理解及想像,也會介紹一些啟發他/她的同類作品典範

* This sharing session will be conducted in Cantonese
* 分享會將以粵語進行


* * *


Curator & Producer 策劃及監製
Orlean Lai 黎蘊賢

Core Collaborating Artists 核心創作人
Au Wah-yan 區華欣
Steve Hui 許敖山
Vee Leong 馮程程
Kingsley Ng 伍韶勁

Creative Team & Technical Director 創作團隊及技術總監
Ng Tsz-kwan 吳子昆

Creative Team 創作團隊
Kensa Hung 洪忠傑
Man Mei-to 文美桃
Wong Hung-fei 黃鴻飛

Set & Costume Designer 場景佈置及服裝設
Iv Chan 陳子雯

Lighting Designer 燈光設計
Alice Kwong 鄺雅麗

Production Manager 製作經理
Cheryl Li 李菁菁

Sound System Engineer 音響系統工程
Tse Kam-po 謝金寶

Photographer 宣傳品攝影

* * *


Language is not a barrier in this programme
Textual information is in Chinese and English


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No intermission. Audiences are strongly advised to arrive punctually. No admission for latecomers.


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New Vision Arts Festival 2018



Curated & Produced by 策劃及製作:

Financial Support資助:
"Project ELSE" is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. This programme is part of the "Project ELSE".

「Project ELSE」獲香港特別行政區政府「藝能發展資助計劃」的資助。
本節目屬於「Project ELSE」計劃一部分。


Venue Partner 場地伙伴:
Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences 香港醫學博物館

Acknowledgement 鳴謝:
Leisure and Cultural Services Department 康樂及文化事務署

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